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Esta vloguera revoluciona las redes con los métodos más extraños tips de belleza.

Esta vloguera poco convencional revoluciona las redes con los métodos más extraños y llamativos para los cuidados de belleza… y creo que nos convenció de utilizar algunos de sus tips tan originales. Mirá:

?Get rid of PUFFY EYES and DARK CIRCLES instantly!? ?Ive seen these patches all over social media while people are doing their make up, so I thought id DIY them for less than $10 to make and you can use it over 40 times! Each use is like a couple cents!! vs. $20+ to buy one time use!! They stay in place so you can do your eye make up while they decrease puffiness + dark circles and brighten those under eyes up to look fresh and awake! ??ps. you wont see a drastic before and after ON ME -because a sis is just here tryna help the fam. I dont have super puffy eyes + my dark circles have been pretttttty good lately *knock on wood ..ya girl been sleepin gewwwwwd..* the ingredients are MAJOR for those of you who have puffiness and dark circles – Even if you don’t have dark circles or puffy eyes, this is a great preventative/ treatment! ALL YOU NEED: ?WATER (i used 1/2 cup) ?☕️BLACK TEA or COFFEE -HIGH caffeine is key ?POTATO STARCH (i used 1tbs) ✅Steep black tea in hot water ✅once its brewed add potato starch ✅Let it start to boil – AS SOON AS you see bubbles on the outer part its DONE. ✅Mix together to create a jelly DO NOT OVER BOIL. this process takes LESS than 5 mins ✅Transfer your mixture to a bowl (something with a lid so u can store leftovers for later) let it cool ✅Apply on undereyes and do your eye make up or whatever you wanna do while it sits there ✅Peel off and gooooo. no mess. ?WHY THIS WORKS:? CAFFIENE is the MAIN ingredient in a lot of under eye creams/patches because it instantly awakens the undereye (its an anti-inflammatory) and reduces puffiness significantly. it also increases circulation, is an antioxidant and fills in and plumps any lines/wrinkles under the eye, and reduces dark circles Potato starch nourishes the skin while allowing the undereye to suck in all that goodness from the caffeine. Its also the ingredient that helps this eye patch stay in place ??????TAG A PUFFY EYED FRIEND IN NEED! and like this VID FOR MORE! ???? Disclaimer: TEST PATCH FIRST. ALWAYS.

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???$1 ANTIOXIDANT RUBBER MASK? ?This cold winter air has me and my skin feeling MEH! If your skin is in need of some major antioxidant juicing and youre looking for soft, healthy, juicy, glowy skin.. then this mask is for YOU! Its FUN, CHEAP and it has INCREDIBLE BENEFITS! Perfect for an at home spa day with your besties! TAG A FRIEND YOU’D DO THIS WITH BELOW! ?????? ??Just a side note, this isnt one of those quick fix masks that you can visually see, thats why my before and after isnt drastic BUT LEMME EXPLAIN! its one of those masks that INJECTS your skin with powerful antioxidants and you can FEEL the difference. Unfortunately I cant show feels on the gram (im sure mr zuckerberg is working on that ehehehehe) ??? ALL YOU NEED: ✅2 cups water – boil ✅2 tea bags of BUTTERFLY PEA POWDER – such a BEAUTIFUL BLUE colour, if you want to play around with the colour and make it more fun, add a few drops of lemon juice and watch it transform into a MAGENTA! (i added lemon juice tear drops for fun) ✅2 tbs agar agar -whisk while water is boiling.. once it bubbles like lava its done (you can use leftovers by reheating) ⛄️Let cool slightly and apply thick layer to entire face ?let it dry completely (takes about 10 minutes) ?Peel the mask off from top down or bottom up..i prefer top down but im not tryna tell you how to live your life so do it however you want.. peel it from the side or in pieces. The options are limitless!! ALSO. DONT FEAR! It does not pull on your hair, baby hair, eyebrows, lashes, mustache, etc ?MASK COST: $10 for 10 time Use = $1 PER mask!! ?WHY YOU NEED TO DO THIS MASK:? ✅AGAR AGAR – this is what makes the mask mold to your face shape and it pretty much locks the ingredients into your skin so it forces the goodies into your skin without letting anything evaporate or escape ✅BUTTERFLY PEA POWDER – this gorgeous vibrant blue flower is EXTREMELY HIGH in anti-oxidants – protects the skin from free radical damage -is an anti-inflammatory -prevents pre mature aging – SAY NO TO WRINKLES! -leaves your skin with a beautiful glow ❤HELP A SIS OUT GIVE THIS VIDEO A LIKE IF YOU ENJOYED IT! ???? Disclaimer: Test patch 1st fam

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??2 INGREDIENTS to SHRINK/TIGHTEN PORES and SKIN! ?? ⛄️DIY BUBBLE FOAM MASK!! Servin some Mrs. Doubtfire realness ?Ive seen this bubble mask that foams after you apply it onto the skin so I thought I would DIY it… the diy version starts as a foam (because its all natural) but you can feel the bubbles working on your skin.. so SHRINK LARGE PORES and GET HYDRATED, SOFT, SUPER TIGHT skin!! (you know that tight feeling facelift you get when you wear a super tight high ponytail.. thats what this feels like. natural botox lol) ?DISCLAIMER: try not to eat it! its SO YUMMY!!! ?I love me some skincare that’s good enough to eat! All my bakers out there know whats up!? (yes I know this is a merengue. I love food) ?ALL YOU NEED: ?EGG WHITES (from one egg) **make sure there is NO YOLK otherwise this wont bubble) ?SUGAR (1 tbsp) ?-you can do this with JUST egg whites too but I like adding sugar cuz of the amazing benefits it has for your skin! more on that later ?WHISK your egg whites and sugar in a ceramic/metal bowl. DO NOT use plastic (it wont foam) .. you can use an electric mixer or whisk it by hand ?? ❄️Keep whisking until it changes from runny yellowish egg whites to a white thick bubbly foam ?Apply the foam to your entire face – you can use a brush to apply it or your CLEAN fingers ?Youll feel the bubbles tingling your skin! it kinda tickles and feels really cool! ?Wash off after 10-15 mins ?BOOM. TIGHT SKIN. TIGHT PORES. ?Glycolic Bubble Mask to buy: $54 ?DIY this Glycolic Bubble Mask: Less than $4 ?WHY THIS WORKS:? SUGAR: natural form of glycolic acid -makes your skin younger looking and fresh because of cell turnover natural exfoliant (alpha hydroxy acids) -natural humectant = juices your skin up with moisture and traps it in EGG WHITES: high in protein so they help heal the skin and kill acne -helps wrinkles and make the skin appear firmer/tighter -the protein is a natural astringent so it tones your face and soaks up any excess oil and its a “preservative” -contain an enzyme called Lysozyme that helps to tighten and shrink pores -helps with skin elasticity ??Tag a friend you’d do this with? ??like this vid and share the love! ❤ Disclaimer: Test patch 1st!

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